Processes in moving pictures

"If you can't talk about it, you have to show it."

Let me use this famous quote by Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) in a slightly daring manner!

Of course, we will gladly explain the processes that we use to support you. Better yet, you can see for yourself.
You will see that some things are getting very simple with us.

PS Inspect

With PS Inspect protocols of vehicles returns are fully compiled digitally on an error-free basis. This enabling all parties to save time and provide them with all the necessary information. Please have a look on you can simply document changes of properties for vehicles, real estates, agricultural and urban machinery with the App for smartphones and tablets“

PS DataCollect

What to do when another bank or leasing company already has a vehicle or machine in its financing stock? Be safe by becoming a member of a strong community to protect property rights and collateral!

PS Spe[e]dLog

A communications and order platform for all transport tasks across Europe: With our proven system solution, car rental companies, manufacturers, forwarders, dealers, importers and fleet managers can coordinate perfectly – transparency all around.

PS Trust

With PS Trust, we manage and organise property certificates of mobile assets on a fiduciary basis for you. In this way, purchasers, sellers as well as all the involved banks manage their business promptly, securely and easily. The documents stay during the whole process in our storage rooms.

PS Logic

Transparency across the entire life-cycle of every single commercially used vehicle, no matter how large the fleet. Check out how system solutions and process services interlock perfectly– step by step. PS Logic is the perfect business process management assistant for leasing companies and fleet administrators.

PS FloorCheck

Own auditors, external service providers, audits reports on paper and from different systems: the stock audits of mobile assets can be very confusing. With PS FloorCheck on the contrary, you can plan and manage external auditors and the audit reports as well as the whole operating process in a unique system – transparent and secure.