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When thinking of our partners, we not only think of other companies, but also of partners we want to cooperate with to make our world a little better. Regionally rooted, open to the world, with social commitment: that is PS Team.

Here you can learn more about the charitable projects and the actors who support them.

Stiftung Tapfere Kinder and PS‑Team

We first offered public support for Tapfere Kinder at the J.P. Morgan run in June 2013. We put the returns from the charity run into the best hands: those of Ewald Dietrich. We have since supported the child welfare organisation regularly.



„Stiftung Tapfere Kinder is located in our in region. The youngest children are the most important to us, just as the organisation says: no matter their religion, skin colour or nationality.“

Managing director of PS Team Heinz Moritz

„We have set our targets high: the total with which we support ill, disabled and socially disadvantaged children here at home and in Asia is not to fall below the amount from 2012 under any circumstances. Reliable, trusting and long-term partnerships like the one with PS Team are invaluable to us.“

Ewald Dietrich, founder and chairman of Stiftung Tapfere Kinder

Walluftal School

The Walluftal school in Walluf is a public primary school organised by the Rheingau-Taunus district. In addition to lessons in the language of origin, the school puts special value on healthy nutrition and plenty of movement.

It's a good thing – see for yourself!

Walluftal school and PS Team

Our commitment to Walluftal school was neighbourhood support in the best meaning of the word. After all, the school building is just a few kilometres away from our corporate seat. We made a Christmas donation together with our customers to help build a climbing scaffold in the school's yard. This measure was one of the reasons why the school now has the overall certificate "movement-promoting school" (Bewegungsfördernde Schule). As a sponsor at Klasse2000, a programme for promotion of health, prevention of addictions and violence, PS Team supported the two fourth grades of Walluftal school in 2012/2013.



„It is pure joy to see the children play around the climbing scaffold. We view our contribution to this less as a social commitment and more as self-help: Healthy children are our future."“

PS Team managing director Heinz Moritz

„Walluftal school renews its goal of offering comprehensive education to the boys and girls entrusted to it every year. That includes movement offers and trying to raise awareness for a healthy life style. The climbing scaffolding that PS‑Team helped pay for fits perfectly not only architecturally speaking.“

Principal Christina Böttcher

„Rund um Familie“

"Rund um Familie" is the Caritas store in Bad Schwalbach. The name is the game: Since 2007, about 45 volunteers have been working there for individual development of children, group student support, reading or recorder playing groups. Often, things aren't going all that smoothly in the lives of these little ones. Then movement can be a good way of integrated support for the boys and girls. Caritas needs third-party funds to buy the sport and playing equipment necessary for this.

A good thing – see for yourself!

„Rund um Familie“ and PS‑Team

The Christmas donation 2011 went to the Caritas store "Rund um Familie" in Bad Schwalbach. In addition to entertaining as well as promoting activities, such as visiting the science museum Experimenta in Frankfurt, PS Team supported the initiative with sport and playing equipment.



„The aspect of mobility is particularly important to us. The more mobile and mentally agile children are, the more likely will they be to be able to meet life's demands as adults. That is where "Rund um Familie" comes in. We want to support this fully.“

Managing director of PS Team Heinz Moritz

„I am happy for our children that we have our friendship with mobility service provider PS Team. The Caritas store now has large, robust go-carts on which older children can pay to their heart's content. They even have the PS Team logo.“

Thomas Erbach, department manager of the family services