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Process solutions for the automotive industry

As a process specialist, PS Team recognises early on where processes can be optimised and streamlined. We see savings opportunities where others only process routines. 

In a time of consolidation, we show ways for vehicle manufacturers, importers and car dealers to lower their process costs and design the change actively.

Manufacturers and car dealers make use of tried and tested services for employee, pool, service and press vehicles, as well as demonstration cars. At the same time, we develop new ideas for even better processes – often in exchange with our customers. Our high-performance system solutions are the basis for this.

For example, we provide manufacturers with a system with which they can document the vehicle sales to large international customers. Due bonus payments can be calculated transparently on this basis.

Tanja Ebert


“The business unit Manufacturer can take over numerous support processes from the automotive industry and trade. This enables manufacturers, importers and major car dealers to streamline their cost structure. They profit from economies of scale only a process specialist can provide and thus are able to concentrate on the creation of value in their core business.”