Networking against fraud: PS DataCollect

At the last Leaseurope conference "Fighting Fraud in the Leasing Industry", to which we invited together with the association, it once again became clear: almost half of the respondents in a survey of the IFA (Institute of Fraud Auditors Belgium) stated that multiple financing was one of the main causes for fraud-related defaults in their organisations. The industry has prepared to do something about this with PS DataCollect. Over the years, a strong community against fraud has developed – and it continues to grow and become stronger.

Strong home base: PS DataCollect in Germany

We review 2.2 million vehicles every day in Germany, as well as about 800,000 high-quality assets such as drivable and stationary machines and office equipment every month. The valuable information from our customers is not the least contributing factor in or system solution's continuous development. We have just adjusted processing of identified hits and integrated applications that support internal and external communication. We cooperate with the Bundesverband Deutscher Leasing-Unternehmen and the Bankenfachverband to achieve area-comprehensive market penetration with PS DataCollect even including small specialised companies.

A strong start: PS DataCollect in France

Our invitation to join the industry association ASF shows just how well the asset register is anchored in France by now. We introduced PS DataCollect Machines a little less than a year ago. The companies using the asset register represent 80 percent of the leading market in the ASF. Other companies are expected to join. Since the launch in September 2016, more than 1,700 suspicious cases have been registered in 400,000 data records to date. We have set up a national workgroup and will open our "Paris" office soon.

A strong partner: PS DataCollect in Spain

Through our license partner TKS, we offer PS DataCollect in Spain as well. At the moment, a pilot group is preparing the go-live. A test run with 500,000 data records led to 118 national and 144 international hit indications. In the beginning, we expect a data volume between one and a half and two million data records.

Together against multiple financing: PS-Team international

Together with the Leaseurope and Eurofinas associations, we are working towards effective protection against multiple and unfounded financing throughout Europe. Awareness of risks has increased at association level as well, as the implementation of a Fraud Advisory Group by Leaseurope shows. The work group is going to present its future focus subjects during the Annual Convention on Malta on 5 and 6 October 2017.

New asset class Office

Banks and leasing companies have already been using PS DataCollect to review vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, agricultural technology and all kinds of stationary processing and finishing machines for industry and process facilities. Our customers also see great potential beyond this in the office area – from printers to multifunction units. We started pilot operation with selected participants in November 2017. The first test runs have already returned several hundred suggested hits. The institutes are currently tracking these hits and resolving the cases.