Digital FloorChecks: Apps with added value

Inventory review must meet high safety requirements as an important instrument of risk management. Digitalization of this sensitive process therefore must take place in coordination with MaRisk. We do not consider digitalization to be an end in itself. Rather, using Apps only makes sense if it pays off and provides true added value. Full integration into the FloorCheck overall system is such an added value, since it opens up far-reaching opportunities for dealer, customer and asset monitoring.

Flexible inventory inspections with PS SelfCheck

The PS SelfCheck App, launched by us in summer, is fully integrated into the web application PS FloorCheck. With it, dealers and customers can perform their inventory checks themselves. Various recording methods for vehicles are available:

  • Reading the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the windshield by video stitching and OCR text recognition
  • Image selection procedure, combined with data reconciliation by a PS-Team expert
  • Photo mode
  • Reading out data via OBD-II-plug right from the vehicle

Machines and systems are documented from different perspectives with photographs and videos. No matter if cars or machines: The App expands use of the PS FloorCheck system and is perfect for international use.

We have put special value on various safety features. Since new fraud patterns are developing in the scope of digitalization, we continually adjust them to the current risk situation. At the moment, PS SelfCheck has the following instruments:

  • Site localisation by GPS data recording
  • Recording the date and time
  • Angle measurement
  • Reflection compensation
  • Automated OCR text recognition
  • Data measurement to distinguish between the VIN recording in the windshield and a forged VIN
  • OBD-II-reading

Other Apps for PS FloorCheck

As the European market-leader in inventory check solutions, we not only have a mature software basis in the form of PS FloorCheck, but also an area-comprehensive network with high asset competence. The inspectors use the PS MobileCheck Cars and PS MobileCheck Machines Apps. PS MobileCheck Cars permits very fast checks of vehicles. PS MobileCheck Machines offers very comprehensive object documentation, e.g. of tool, die-casting or injection moulding machines. In addition to the actual basic machine, its accessories, which are often very valuable, can also be integrated in the inventory record. For example, this may be the backhoe of an excavator or the blank storage of a laser cutting system.

The PS LiveStream App, currently in production, is going to add entirely new options for process digitalization. While the customer is filming the asset in question, a PS-Team employee will start and end recording sequences of relevant details at his workplace, trigger photographs and "guide" the inspector's hand on site. In another development stage, our customers' employees and third parties, such as experts or potential purchasers, will be able to dial up with a web link and witness the session.