Auditing of incentive and dealer programmes

  • Structured review of the characteristics for granting the manufacturer's bonus for sales promotions with detailed reporting


PS Team offers comprehensive fleet support processes from a single source:

  • Vehicle registrations
  • Vehicle unregistrations/decommissioning
  • Re-registrations/special treatments
  • License plate production
  • Fine-dust plaques
  • Provision of ZB II


PS Trust is PS Team's system solution for electronic document storage and trust services:

  • System solutions for archiving demands in the scope of purchasing financing and sales financing, as well as in leasing
  • Administration and archiving of vehicle documents (ZB II, CoC, TÜV-expert report, data confirmations) and other loan collateral (e.g. guarantees, land debt, insurance policies, etc.) as a trustee
  • Administration and archiving of loan documents and dealer files
  • Procurement and archiving of collateral certificates at insurance companies

Your benefits


  • Document-related status can be viewed at all times.
  • Electronically recorded documents can be called at all times.
  • All documents are scanned.
  • Indexing of the recorded documents.


  • High safety standard
  • Protection from document forgery and fraud
  • Support of auditing and risk management

Flexibility, comfort

  • Integration of customer-specific process requirements
  • User-friendly operability of the provided software solutions
  • Dealer platforms via web applications
  • The document archive can be connected directly to the core bank systems via web service interfaces.
  • Customer-specific reporting
  • The recorded data can be used for asset monitoring

Cost reduction

  • Reduction of the loss rate


Overview of our services:

  • Unregistration (decommissioning)
  • Data report to manufacturer/dealer
  • Review of motor vehicle tax charged

Overview of our services:

  • Registration
  • Customisation
  • Transport ordering
  • Data report to the manufacturer/dealer
  • Review of motor vehicle tax charged

PS Team is your partner for vehicle transports:

  • Transport on other vehicles
  • Transport on the road

PS Team represents vehicle transfers with perfectly safe transfers of title. The services in detail:

  • Transfer of new vehicles
  • Return of used vehicles
  • Electronic logging of the vehicle condition
    • At transfer by PS Team coordination
    • For pool vehicles/fleets
    • Satisfaction analysis of the vehicle recipient
  • Client-dependent electronic logging of the vehicle condition
    • At transfer by PS Team coordination
    • Satisfaction analysis of the vehicle recipient


Specifically for car rental companies, we offer a mobile solution for

  • Condition review
  • Marking of prior damage


PS DataCollect

PS DataCollect is a Europe-wide asset register to protect against multiple and fake financing:

  • Anonymous reconciliation of data inventories as a trustee
  • No concerns under data privacy law: Only vehicle identification numbers and machine data from the financing inventory of the respective participants are evaluated.
  • Regular entry of the data of financed objects by the participating banks and leasing companies
  • Use of a secured data connection
  • Integration of the preventive query in the workflow between the business decision and pay-out of the respective institute possible
  • If a hit is identified: Information of the affected financing companies in a standardised escalation process
    • By web portal
    • By automatic data transfer
  • Support of the interaction between the participating financing companies, in particular in the scope of hit processing, mediation
  • Help with optimisation of quality and up-to-datedness of the data organisations of the participants
Your benefits
  • Established industry solution
  • Uncovering of double financings before damage is incurred
  • Relief of the LGD and thereby reduction of the risk costs
  • Reduction of the risk weighting in the risk resilience analysis; thereby reduction of equity backing
  • Monitoring of the repayment behaviour
  • Early determination of changes
  • Use of the information as early-warning indicator
  • Sustainable image effect on the market
  • Use of PS DataCollect "becomes known"
  • Drastic hit reduction by the example of PS DataCollect Machines: tripling of data inventory from 2013 to 2015 but nominal reduction of confirmed hits
  • Continuation of existing sales processes
  • Ensuring anonymity in case of suspicion
  • Optional use of preventive queries

PS DataCollect Voucher

  • The voucher can be acquired online at need
  • Decide which assets you want to register!
Your benefits
  • Low costs
    • Low price, one-time payment only
    • You can decide which package you want to acquire and which assets you want to register.
  • Flexibility
    • No long-term commitment
    • Immediate availability of the system after registration
    • Expansible at any time by purchasing further vouchers
  • Comfort
    • Simple data recording
    • No further workload once an asset has been recorded; Automatic monitoring until the end of the contract
    • o The PS service centre provides support.
  • Safety
    • Transparent overview of the registered assets
    • Immediate reporting of a hit ensures direct ability to react.

PS FloorCheck

PS FloorCheck is a system solution for inventory review and machine recording at banks and leasing companies, as well as for insurance expert reports.

  • Physical object review based on specified criteria
  • Review and recording of data by selected staff
  • The audit recordings take place by digital app logging.
  • The dealer can perform the audits directly via the PS SelfCheck App.
  • The recorded information is provided directly in the web-based platform after completion of the audit.
  • The customer can call the audit reports around the clock via a protected web portal.
  • The complete asset history is available in the web portal PS FloorCheck.
Your benefits
  • Transparency
    • Deployment of the auditors according to the rotation principle
    • All audit orders can be tracked via status tracking
    • Reporting can be called at any time
  • Quality
    • Processes qualified to DIN
    • Audit according to MaRisk-criteria
    • Monitoring of the processes and services by own QM-audits
  • Flexibility, comfort
    • Online-platform coordinated with customer needs
    • Definition of the audit contents, forms and rhythms by the customer
    • The online platform PS-FloorCheck presents all routine and ad hoc audits in a well-structured manner
    • All audit details, information, documents and condition reports can be viewed centrally and position-relatedly.
  • Cost reduction
    • Use of an audit-proof, digital on-site audit system
    • Saving the infrastructure on the customer-side
    • Utilisation of the effects of scale generated by PS-Team


PS Ticket combines database processing, PS Teams High-Tech of document interpretation and process control:

  • From a fleet size of 100 vehicles onwards, there are effects of scale from professional, automated answering of authority owner requests (traffic tickets and owner requests) in the fleet operator's name.
  • Digitalisation and interpretation of the documents
  • Delivery of the desired notification to the requesting authority

PS BonusCheck

  • Auditing of incentive and dealer programmes
  • Structured review of the characteristics for granting the manufacturer bonus for sales promotion with detailed reporting

PS BuyBack

  • Vehicle returns for commercially used vehicles
  • Coordination
  • Dealer/user/expert/forwarder

PS Inspect

Electronic system for vehicle condition documentation:

  • Individual log templates
  • Control of the audit process
  • Any configuration and determination of optional vs. mandatory fields
  • Data pre-loading by order from PS Logic
  • Damage documentation with high-resolution photographs
  • Online completion and provision of the document at completion of the log
  • Online satisfaction query and analysis/statistics

PS Logic

Order and process control platform for all order types:

  • Full process and order transparency
  • Web interfaces
  • Online web portal
  • Role-based user and authorisation concept
  • Control/data exchange with all process participants
  • Management reporting
  • Multifunctional escalation mechanisms
  • Comprehensive research functions
  • Comprehensive, also automated, reporting functions
  • Filing of associated order documents

PS Print

With PS Print, manufacturers can print their entire dealer correspondence:

  • ZB II
  • CoC
  • Warranty cards
  • Debt collections

PS SalesCheck

  • Global recording of vehicles sold to large customers
  • Transparent automatic calculation of bonuses