PS Ticket

Automated traffic ticket management reduces process costs

With the PS Ticket process control platform, car rental companies, leasing companies and company vehicle fleets answer reply forms about traffic violations with minimal effort. With our system solution, we succeeded in completely digitizing this cost-intensive and time-sensitive process.

The system solution makes it possible to automate the process to a large extent; nonetheless, it is sufficiently flexible to define the processes individually. The history of the incoming documents can be kept virtually as figurative marks. Via a decision-making matrix, various types of cases are defined with different processes for each client and sub-client.

The resultant correspondence is fully digitized and interpreted electronically. Depending on the vehicle owner, the “smart” software selects the predefined process and information channel with the respective recipients. This way, even service providers who must map many different processes for different customers can automate their traffic ticket management with PS Ticket.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Full transparency over the entire traffic ticket management
  • Process solution customized to the client for the completion of official reply forms
  • Relief for the administration


  • Automated processing within the official hearing period
  • Handling of customer data in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (BDSG compliant)