Prevent fraud, reduce costs, retain customers

Solutions for the financial and insurance industries

In turbulent times, financial service providers and insurers need partners they can rely on. This is what PS Team stands for.

  • We anticipate risks in asset financing and offer a wide range of fraud prevention and security solutions.
  • As the largest document trustee in Europe, we hold loan collateral, loan documents and dealer files of leading banks and leasing companies in a fiduciary capacity. We often hand over documents and accessories such as spare keys within our company, from purchase financing to sales financing – on the same day and without any risk of loss.
  • As part of our document management and fiduciary services, we take care of collateral certificate handling.
  • KBA monitoring identifies unauthorized documents that have been provided and prevents replacement.
  • We know your processes and have the digital expertise to support you with future-proof solutions – from applications for a digital object check, a video app for object imaging and the documentation of damage, all the way to a platform with which you can implement usage-dependent payment models for your customers.
Tanja Ebert


“The business unit Manufacturer can take over numerous support processes from the automotive industry and trade. This enables manufacturers, importers and major car dealers to streamline their cost structure. They profit from economies of scale only a process specialist can provide and thus are able to concentrate on the creation of value in their core business.”

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