PS SelfCheck

Digital inventory audits of vehicles and machines

As an integral part of the overall system PS FloorCheck, the PS SelfCheck app allows dealers and end customers to check vehicles and machines on their own. The financial institutions initially define the test criteria and file them in PS FloorCheck. With the Web application, you can retrieve and evaluate the review results in the same way as you did in a physical inventory audit.

Digital inventory audit of vehicles

For reviews of vehicles, PS SelfCheck offers different ways for capturing the objects:

Video Stitching

The user reads out the FIN from the windshield with OCR character recognition.

Capture Mode

When video stitching is not possible due to the fact that the FIN is not present or cannot be read, the application automatically switches into capture mode: The vehicle is captured with serial images.

Photo mode

Shots of vehicles or documents (e.g. in the case of test runs) can likewise be created with PS SelfCheck and be captured in the PS FloorCheck system.

OBD II readout

Via an OBD II plug, data can be read out directly from the vehicle.

Digital inventory audit of machines

All types of machines clear through to complex systems can be captured with PS SelfCheck in comprehensive object photo documentations. Companies can realize significant savings via the integrated digital declaration of acceptance. Since sales staff, thanks to the photos by app, no longer have to be present for the handover of a machine; costs will drop dramatically, and the sales department has more time for its core tasks.


With the wide range of functions of the PS SelfCheck app, the companies make a successful entry into the digital inventory audit of vehicles and machines. At the same time, it will open up further opportunities in asset monitoring – from (digital) acceptance to remarketing. The solution is available for iOS and Android operating systems. It can be used both on smartphones and tablets.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive operation
  • Cost reduction on the part of the banks and leasing companies
  • Fast feedback on the existence and condition of financing objects in critical cases
  • Wide range of applications for various situations and environments
  • Extensive object photo documentation of machines and production facilities
  • Easy and cross-national application
  • Can combine physical and digital reviews through integration in the PS FloorCheck overall system
  • Support for compliance with regulatory requirements, reduction of risks and thus reduction of the need for regulatory capital requirements

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