PS FloorCheck

Physical and digital inventory audits

With PS FloorCheck, we provide banks and leasing companies with a sophisticated overall system for inventory audits. As the largest provider of inventory audits in Europe, we verify the existence of vehicles and machines and can also record their condition.

The scheduling, preparation and planning of all orders is done via the Web application PS FloorCheck. In doing so, physical and digital reviews can be combined as required. Thus all types of FloorChecks are initiated, implemented and monitored from a single platform. Both the status of the individual reviews and the results can be viewed in the software system. 

Standardized result codes (check digits) make it easier to get an overview and facilitate a holistic evaluation of the reviews, regardless of the manner in which they were performed. In this way, a continuous asset monitoring can be implemented with PS FloorCheck.

The overall system of PS FloorCheck provides for the following types of review

Physical inventory audits

An experienced and tried-and-tested team of specialists checks vehicles and machines. Assignment checks and other checks can also be commissioned.

PS SelfCheck

The dealer or end user checks the respective objects himself, adhering to the requirements of the financial institution.

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PS LiveStream

With the live streaming app, you can record complex assets and production facilities. The solution is ideal for the initial assessment of the machine status, for remarketing and the securing of evidence. While entering the object, employees of the financial institution, experts, prospective buyers, insolvency administrators, etc., can be directly integrated via Web services.

„Plug and Play“

The Web application PS FloorCheck can be quite easily expanded by other applications with “plug and play”

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Throughout, the review process is handled via a central platform; the results are viewable and transparent.
  • Using standardized result codes (check digits), the review results can be easily evaluated, independently of the type of review.


  • The Web application PS FloorCheck is expandable by apps for digital inventory audit at any time.
  • PS FloorCheck supports compliance with regulatory requirements, reduces risks and thus has an immediate positive effect on regulatory capital requirements.

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