PS DataCollect

European asset register for mobile assets

With the PS DataCollect asset register, banks and leasing companies protect their mobile assets from double, multiple and air financing. The participating banks enter the data of their funded objects on a regular basis. The data exchange takes place via secure connections and is unproblematic in terms of data protection concerns, since only asset data from the financing portfolio of the participants is captured.

PS Team compares the data anonymously and in a fiduciary capacity; and automatically, identifies multiply existing objects. Using a standardized escalation process, the relevant financing companies are informed. Irregularities and fraud cases are detected at an early stage and can be regulated.

As part of fraud prevention, PS-Team supports participants in optimizing the quality and up-to-datedness of their data budgets. The integration of different registers and databases such as machine information from Lectura allows incomplete records to be enriched and associated assets to be uniquely identified.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • With the established industry solution, you detect multiple financing and air financing before a loss occurs.
  • The unique logic and self-learning of PS DataCollect allows the comparison of fragmented data
  • Suspicious cases will be automatically reported and processed within a workflow-based system


  • By means of preventive queries, potential cases of fraud can be identified prior to payment
  • No IT costs on the customer side are incurred
  • PS DataCollect supports compliance with regulatory requirements, reduces risks and thus has an immediate positive effect on regulatory capital requirements.

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