Dragonfly – Remote Audit Solution

Appraise industrial objects without travel expenses

Anyone who has to assess the condition and value of high-priced industrial goods must take a close look. Photos alone or the assessment of third parties are not enough. The video app Dragonfly – Remote Audit Solution replaces the physical assessment without compromising on quality and accuracy. Video sessions are planned, executed and post-processed via an easily comprehensible, clearly structured workflow. The collected information - video sequences, images and protocols - is available to all process participants.

Inventory inspectors, insolvency administrators, plant managers, industrial goods recyclers and other user groups can access the app directly from their workplace. They direct the person at the machine or industrial plant around the object.

In doing so, they film or photograph relevant details or contexts themselves. In this way, they always make decisions based on the actual condition and value of the object and fulfil their duty to preserve evidence. Time-consuming and cost-intensive travel is no longer necessary.

Your advantages at a glance

  • The Dragonfly – Remote Audit Solution video app can be used universally whenever complex objects such as machines and plants need to be inspected, evaluated or secured.
  • With the mobile application, you can obtain a picture of the industrial property from your workplace that is just as accurate and correct as an on-site inspection.
  • You save time and reduce your travel costs.


  • You can schedule appraisals at short notice and expand your scope of action and your reaction speed.
  • The easy handling and a clearly structured workflow enables people without previous knowledge to participate in a video session.

Application areas of Dragonfly – Remote Audit Solution

Inventory audit

  • For financiers, traders, landlords, marketers

Quick examination

  • For insurers, financiers, traders, marketers

Preservation of evidence

  • For insolvency administrators, insurers, authorities

Damage assessment

  • For insurers, financiers, trade, marketers


  • For auctioneers, traders, marketers

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