FloorChecks for machines and plants

Technical know-how for complex audit processes

Our service range in the area of risk management goes from simple vehicle inventory review to the inspection of highly complex assets, such as production facilities.

We use our technical competence to examine entire systems for completeness in the scope of fraud prevention.

We enable banks and leasing companies to even perform FloorChecks on their own by "remote diagnosis" with our app- and database-based system solution.

Our document management- and trust services are wide-spread in the industry and have proven their worth over decades. You can comfortably control all registration and unregistration processes in document management for leasing collateral using the PS Trust web application. In the scope of the agricultural, field and construction machinery financings, the specific vehicle-related documents such as registration certificates, TÜV expert reports and data confirmations are archived audit-proof. After the end of the leasing term, all relevant documents are thus available completely in the remarketing process. Leasing companies thus achieve considerable cost reductions by effects of scale and accelerate transfers of title.