Customised asset monitoring

Banks from across Europe use our asset register DataCollect for their risk management. In the scope of fraud prevention, they verify the property situation of the vehicles and many other mobile assets financed by them in our system software. Possible assets include

  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural technology
  • Production machines
  • Forklifts
  • Office equipment
  • etc.

The system solution is also practical for institutes that only finance high-quality objects rarely: A voucher system permits targeted registration of individual assets that PS‑Team monitors across the entire contract term.

Another component of asset monitoring is our system solution PS FloorCheck Open System. Use this process to comfortably control all routines and ad hoc tests from your computer – no matter if the tests are to be performed by our service partners, your own auditors or a trade officer. The respective auditors will be supported by our digital audit protocols that permit a structured and audit-proof documentation of any task type.

Document management by PS‑Team meets all archiving requirements in the scope of purchasing and sales financing. In these processes, many different documents connected to financing are archived and controlled audit-proof. This includes loan collateral, in particular vehicle documents, as well as loan documents and dealer files. All documents are available centrally via the web application PS Trust. Many different access requirements are controlled by a dedicated role-authorisation concept.