Solutions for secure and sustainable financing products

Risk management and outsourcing of sensitive processes

In order to meet the growing requirements for risk and document management regarding the financing of mobile goods as well as changed customer expectations, banks and leasing companies can fall back on a large number of dovetailed products from PS Team.

Inventory audit – physical and digital

As the leading service provider in this field in Europe, PS Team conducts 30,000 inventory audits annually with more than 750,000 vehicles. For monitoring, PS Team offers the PS FloorCheck system solution. It can be expanded by the PS SelfCheck app to perform digital inventory audits.

Video app for comprehensive object imaging

The PS LiveStream video app is controlled remotely and enables mobile goods to be recorded from the workplace in moving images and photos. The comprehensive object imaging can be used in many ways, for instance for the preservation of evidence, damage assessment or for the remarketing of financing objects.

Fraud prevention via asset register

The PS DataCollect asset register has become indispensable for fraud prevention at numerous banks and leasing companies. By automatically comparing chassis numbers and object data to check ownership, the banks can detect multiple and air financing at an early stage. Losses in the millions were thus prevented throughout Europe.

Audit-proof document management

For numerous banks and leasing companies, we outsource the document management of loan collateral, loan documents and dealer files. The entire life cycle of the documents is covered audit-proof. High security standards and digital process routines make the PS Team solutions perfect for the handling of different vehicle-related and loan-related document types.

S.EM.LABS: Data platform for usage-dependent leasing

With the S.EM.LABS pay-per-use platform, banks and leasing companies can offer their customers usage-dependent payment models. It provides a transparent basis for flexible installment payment and at the same time offers financers valuable insights into the use of the object.

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